Sandstone & Marathon 2016

A busy day for the Tattenhall Runners. In retrospect perhaps three glasses of champagne, two bottles of beer, sausages, salami and salmon (no pasta to be seen) and bed after midnight were not the best preparation for the Sandstone race but it was a 25th wedding anniversary celebration and you wouldn’t wish to let down the happy couple!

That said, you couldn’t have asked for a nicer October day, with the autumn sun warm on a dewy ground, the frost melting off the car roof and the heater on full blast. OK, you had to drag yourself out of bed rather earlier than you might otherwise have done but what a reward, clear skies and great company! If only one didn’t have to slog it round the Sandstone trail and then try and enjoy the experience!

Over 170 runners launched themselves up Bickerton Hill from Duckington, attacking the full 17 miles with a further 184 joining for the last 10 miles of blood, sweat, tears and increasingly slippery tracks through seemingly endless ‘miles’ of maize. Tumbles, twisted ankles and tantrums (ok not too many tantrums) were the order of the day as the track wound its way ever north to Delamere with the kilometres getting longer the hills steeper and everyone else faster – OK perhaps I was going slower!

A nasty tumble off Raw Head by a leading lady saw 4 or 5 runners stop to help recover the unfortunate woman from the cliff over which she had fallen, forcing her to withdraw. I understand she wasn’t too seriously injured but it was great to see support for a runner in need.

From the Tattenhall perspective we had a great turnout with 18 runners participating in both races and some particularly fine performances from Pete Taylor coming in in 3rd place overall and Rob Chambers and Simon Duckett crossing the line in 13th and 15th places respectively in the A race.  These fast times won the team prize for Tattenhall as well as 3rd place for Peter (does he have any space left on this mantlepiece). In the B Race, Ian Wedge crossed the line in 7th place. The race itself was faultlessly organised, marshalled, signed and supported and congratulations must go to Deeside Orienteering Club for a superb event.

Let us also not forget the two Tattenhallers that ran a further 9 miles in the Chester Marathon. Well done Sharon and Nigel for some great times (results also below). Thank you to the balance of the club who manned a water station a Mile 22 on the Marathon route.

Sandstone A Race
Pos Name Category Time
3rd Peter Taylor MV40 02:03:18
13th Robert Chambers M 02:17:30
15th Simon Duckett MV40 02:17:45
63rd James Jenkin MV50 02:40:28
81st David York MV50 02:47:35
92nd Tim Charmley MV50 02:51:09
101st Neil Matthews MV40 02:53:34
115th Matt Bardell MV40 03:00:23
129th Deborah Stanaway LV40 03:07:42
130th Grace Hart LV40 03:07:55
133rd Melanie Barker LV40 03:08:11
153rd Sharon Basford LV40 03:29:59

B Race
7th Iain Wedge MV40 01:17:00
18th Craig Connor M 01:24:18
76th Lance Boseley MV50 01:44:50
98th Simone Norris L 01:50:07
104th Thomas Williams MV40 01:50:51
155th Gerry Cummins MV40 02:16:35

Chester Marathon

Sharon Eaton – 858 – 3:54:19 -12th FV45
Nigel McEwen – 1772 – 4:49:18 – 7th MV65