Crazy Christmas Canter 2016

Stormin' success
Stormin’ success
Them's rite funny lot, them runners!
Them’s rite funny lot, them runners!

The weather might not have been festive. Indeed it was even warmer than 2015, but then again, neither were the costumes! Barely the only nod to the time of year were a few well positioned jingle bells and the occasional tangle of tinsel! And so it was that Saturday 17 Dec saw 23 Tattenhall Runners take to the lanes of the village on their annual Christmas Handicap Race, a tightly fought 6km starting and ending at the recreation centre. The race saw a couple of Supermen, a Batman, a ‘Man with No Name’ (Clint Eastwood) and Cap’n Jack Sparrow joining a brace of Muppets, William Wallace and a whole host of lessor characters, including a ‘costuming winning’ Lion (not sure which film) and a creatively constructed Storm Trooper (home made) challenge each other to cross the line first. Inevitably, and as anticipated, a Wonder Woman and Frozen ‘Anna’ also made an appearance though the roles were taken by two busty gentlemen of a certain age. The handicapping saw those anticipated to take a little longer head off first with the speediest (Superman) leaving as much as 17 minutes after the first starter. Said Superman was indeed the fastest fisher, though the first to cross the line was Hayley Cooper. In the end it didn’t really matter as villagers and car occupants cheered on the good natured and zany annual outing.