Autumn Schedule Commences Tuesday Sept 15

Just a quick update to advise you that a new winter training framework and leader rota have been created (thank you very much Grace for putting it together) which are available to download (as pdf files) using the following links:  Winter Training 2020-21 – Framework, and   Winter Training 2020/21 – Leader Rota.
As ever the schedule is just a guide for Leaders and is designed to ‘ring the changes both regarding location but also the type of running undertaken.  Leaders can of course adapt and refine the guide as appropriate but should avoid locational conflicts as far as possible!
We plan to continue to provide formal runs for up to 12 runners per group when the leader holds an EA qualification and a reduced group size of 6, when the leader has yet to complete the appropriate course.
We are not able to meet up in the Recreation Club before running, though the loos are available to those with fobs.  I attach a map below which indicates three spots in the adjacent carpark where Groups should meet before running  If they are not available, use your initiative!  This should allow runners to loiter in their cars if the weather requires it, before the Leader appears!  If the Leader on a particular day wants to meet somewhere else, they should post intentions on Facebook.
Tuesday runs will start at 1915 prompt from the designated point on the map (see below).
Thursday runs will start around 1830/1845 as posted by the Leaders on the Tattenhall Runners Facebook group.
Given that we are limiting group sizes to a maximum of 12 to comply with the requirements for a ‘covid-secure environment’, B and C Groups should still manage their groups via Facebook.  If it looks like there are going to be more than 12 runners wanting to run on a certain evening, the Leaders should consider whether to create two smaller groups, if leadership support is possible.  Given that Thursday start times are more flexible, all Thursday groups (A, B and C) should be posted on Facebook.
Please remember we are still subject to both social distancing rules and appropriate anti-covid mitigations.  Jen Chambers will remind you all of the requirements shortly and reissue the plan.
All the above should be considered as a base from which we can move forward.  The plan will change but hopefully we can enjoy (as far as dark road running can be said to be enjoyable) a safe autumn and winter training schedule.
Running Group Meeting Points